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Coaching with Rebecca


Introducing Personal Consulting Packages by Rebecca Fuller. Rebecca is a Self-Care Coach, who focuses on helping people live their best lives.

Rebecca feels you should "Live the life you were meant to live!" and guides people from where they are to where they want to be with years of experience as a coach, mentor, teacher and healer. Her speciality is working with the belief system, and getting to the true root cause of what is not working in your life.  This includes beliefs around Self-Care.

Rebecca has worked in the corporate world for 30 years, and mastered many of the skills she taught, including coaching.  "Coaching is for people who like to have unbiased support during their "process" whether it's as an athlete or for personal life.  Most successful people use the skills of a coach to fine tune their own skills.  A personal life coach is really no different.  The important thing is that you connect with that coach, and work with them, taking action where needed."

"When we enter into a person's sacred space, it's quite an honour to first of all be invited.  I find coaching is an essential skill to use, no matter what service is being offered, as long as the client is open and willing.  It could be as simple as suggesting an exercise, breathing tehnique, or journalling for example to keep their "vessel" clear.  The bottom line is that it's so important when coaching or energy work and opening up emotional channels, that the person conducting the session know what to do with all that information that arises, hence why coaching is part of what I do."  Rebecca 


Beliefs are at the root of everything we do.

Rebecca has found in her more than a decade of working with clients that beliefs are at the root of why we do what we do.  Sometimes those underlying beliefs, are operating without our awareness, causing us to behave in certain ways that keep getting the same results, no matter how hard we try to change it.  

Rebecca has created a tried and true method to help first uncover underlying belifes, then helps others to reframe those beliefs to better suited ones through her process.  Her addition skills using energy work when needed, as well as fine tuned intuition, makes her servies unique and personal just to you.    All sessions are confidential.

If you are looking for lasting results in a particular area of your life, then let Rebecca be your guide.  Spend the time and do the work to change your life forever.