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It's time for you to take care of you like you have been caring for others all these years.  Start with these 5 tips to self-care and begin your journey today, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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Move from a state of overwhelm, exhaustion and stress and gain your energy back along with a zest for life through a variety of self-care techniques.

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Move beyond your self-limiting beliefs

Rebecca is a Self-Care Coach and helps people identify what beliefs are getting in their way of happiness, and how to go about changing them.


1 Day Self-Care Retreat

Join us for this 1 day retreat for the soul! Discover Chakras & your Chakra blocks with use of a Pendulum. Then relax with a guided Chakra meditation with Crystals & Essential oils to help open up your Chakras. Explore colour theory, then partake in a “no skill required” painting experience that calms you as it teaches you patience and flow. The day won’t disappoint!

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Metaphysical things

Learn how to use Crystals as support tools for daily life in Rebecca's "Crystals 101" first ever online course.  Go to navigation bar above and click on Crystals 101 Info to learn more.

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Kick your flippies off and get ready to learn from the comfort of your own home or backyard.

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Let Rebecca be your personal guide to a better life.   Whether you need individual attention, through coaching or ready to get your learn on and join our upcoming membership...  What are you waiting for?

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